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This training is completely dedicated to provide thorough understanding of all advanced VLSI concepts, fortified through detailed analysis of synthesis, simulation using specially designed reference code. Robust RTL design and advanced verification techniques towards enhancing the reliability, performance and area that are key factors towards building a successful career in the VLSI domain. Hands-on labs, mini/major projects dedicated towards developing a systematic design and verification approach. Basic RTL synthesis and gate level netlist schematic analysis sessions which help in developing a hardware implementation perspective on top of HDL. Thorough understanding of how to convert gate level netlist in to MOS transistor level with detailed explanation of fabrication process.

Advance VLSI Course in Bangalore

Learn 20+ Modules | Pay in EMIs | 10+ Certifications | Flexible Timing| Guaranteed Placement| 20,000+ Training Hours


  • 5 Level Training

  • All Industry Level Tools

  • Industry Level Project

  • 200 Hrs Assignments

  • Cost Effective

  • 100% Placement

  • 3+ Years

  • 200 + Placed

  • 15+ Hiring Partners

  • 600 + Trainees

  • 20+ Batches

  • 3 Training Centers

Student Testimonials

It was a great experience being a student at Futurewiz Academy. Advanced VLSI Course at Futurewiz provided me with the necessary skills to fulfill my dream job. I am very thankful to the faculty and staff members for their constant support.


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Futurewiz was a turning curve in my life. It placed me, where I am right now. The competitive environment and best teachers with up to date industry experience helped me in improving my coding as well as VLSI skills rapidly with solid concepts. Futurewiz provides a good stepping stone for boosting your career.



I was very interested to join in VLSI industry as a Verification Engineer. I need a platform where I can learn and implement things in a practical way. " Futurewiz" provided the same things which I want. It's a great place to learn. Teachers here are very friendly to interact with. Here we can get help from the employees. Moreover, discussions in the class with teachers and classmates help me to clarify my doubts. It's a great place to learn and implement. Finally, Futurewiz helped me to get a place in Truechip. Thank you Futurewiz.




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