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Premier VLSI Training institute offering a uniquely designed skill enhancement course which helps you re-skill and be industry ready. Experience re-skilling and growth here. Top of the notch trainers at fort dedicated towards your consistent growth. Creating industry ready professionals or as we say it, future ready wizards! Enhancing diaspora of skills via VLSI, Verilog, C programming and plethora of courses. We believe you can surpass. We believe you can be better than the best. Launch your career offensive with Futurewiz's professional courses. Triumph awaits you at our centers of excellence. Convert opportunity into reward. Its time for you to join the league of doers, not the second best doers but the first.

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Be future ready wizards of Semiconductor/EDA industry. We are dedicated towards making you learn quick and making you learn right! Ease of learning, well designed courses, planned approach, flexible timings. Get the action habit induced! We have laid out a plethora of professional courses to help you grow your career in the ever growing VLSI industry. Turn defeat into victory with courses specifically designed to get you a job. A promising job in the industry leading companies. WE have workable methods, not empty promises. 622 students placed! What are you waiting for? Any training program must do three things. It must provide content, the what-to-do. Second, it must supply a method, the how-to-do it. And third, it must meet the acid test. That is, get results. We are proudly giving results and thrive for more so that our students thrive too. Give up on the lousy, luxury defeat. Accept and act, is what we believe.

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Learn right, learn easy with Futurewiz's plethora of professional courses.

VLSI Course Curriculam

  • Short integrated 6-month courses, guaranteed window of opportunities!
  • Digital Designing
  • Linux and scripting
  • C Programming
  • VHDL
  • Verilog
  • System Verilog
  • Analog basics
  • Synthesis and simulation
  • System architecture
  • CMOS
  • Protocols
  • Aptitude and soft skills
  • Project management
  • Universal Verification Methodology

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Bsc/Msc, B-Tech, BE, M-Tech or
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VLSI, Designing, C programming, Verilog skills building institute to give you new horizons, and a pool of opportunities to dive in! Easy design learning and VLSI course. Minimum cost, maximum opportunities! Join the most celebrated VLSI institute, now in Bengaluru! Seeking skill enhancement and rise in your career? We got you the best integrated VLSI course at our VLSI centers. Producing reskilled millennials through a number of courses. Excelling in the forte of VLSI coaching. Recommended VLSI institute. Conclusive success assured at Futurewiz VLSI training institute! Register now for summer program, designed and curated for quick results. Placements in industry leading companies.

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